The Arctic Sounder Serving the Northwest Arctic and the North Slope en-us 2017 Alaska Newspapers, Inc. Fri, 21 Jul 2017 17:43:29 CDT 1440 The Arctic Sounder Dillingham ice machine out of commission for sockeye season The ice machine at the harbor has been broken for all of salmon season this year, frustrating locals who depend on the machine to ice their fish. Sat, 11 Sep 477497 07:22:09 CST Koliganek School draws local teachers One of Koliganek's own will be taking on a lead teaching role this fall. Karen Kapatak has been working toward becoming a certified teacher since 2008. This school year she will teach kindergarten and first grade. Mon, 30 Aug 477497 03:42:09 CST Oil spill response training coming to Utqiaġvik U.S. Coast Guard demonstrations and seminars open to public Sun, 27 Jun 477497 14:42:09 CST Can village residents receive a fair trial? More than 150 Alaska communities excluded from jury service Tue, 22 Jun 477497 12:28:49 CST North Slope welcomes new superintendent Place-based learning is key, Stewart McDonald says Sat, 19 Jun 477497 15:02:09 CST Who Done It Eva Nowpakahok, 18, of Utqia#289;vik, pleaded guilty to the class C felony charge of vehicle theft in the first degree for taking a vehicle, aircraft, or watercraft, and reached a plea agreement through which the state amended the charge against her to the class A misdemeanor of theft in the third degree valuing $250-$999, of which she was ultimately found guilty. She was sentenced to one year in jail with the full time suspended. Wed, 16 Jun 477497 03:42:09 CST State Troopers Report On July 5, Alaska State Troopers contacted Heather Clark, 18, of Selawik, after she was seen "throwing something at the side of the Selawik Apartments" while intoxicated. According to troopers, Clark "became combative" and was then taken into protective custody, after which she was charged with disorderly conduct. Troopers transported her to the Selawik holding facility where she was remanded into custody. Sat, 12 Jun 477497 10:48:49 CST In Brief Nome man charged with attempted murder after stabbing officer Mon, 7 Jun 477497 11:22:09 CST No replacement plan [--] no deal[--]_no_deal[--]_no_deal This week, millions of Americans were nearly impacted by one of the most grotesque examples of partisan politics trumping basic human needs this nation has ever seen. On the heals of failed attempts to replace the Affordable Care Act, Republicans attempted to throw the baby out with the bathwater by repealing the act without any plan to replace it. Such action would have left millions uninsured or unable to afford insurance as expansions to the Medicaid program and subsidies for insurance premiums would have been cut. Wed, 2 Jun 477497 11:55:29 CST How action in Juneau creates hope and a path to solving Alaska's deficit The passage Saturday of a bill ending cash subsidies to the oil industry creates legitimate hope for a solution to Alaska's fiscal crisis. Sat, 29 May 477497 13:28:49 CST