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Opinion: Now, more than ever, we need to remember feelings of gratitude

November 17th 4:00 pm

It's almost Thanksgiving, which, next to Halloween, is my favorite holiday. It's hard to rival the imaginative fun of Halloween, not to mention the facepaint. But a holiday all about being thankful? And food? What's not to love? It's pretty easy to be [...]

Opinion: State embarks on turning over public schools to tribes

November 17th 4:00 pm

State education officials plan to enter into negotiations for compacts with Alaska tribes to take over rural schools. The idea grew out of the Alaska's Education Challenge reform initiative that brought together 100 education stakeholders to work over the [...]

Opinion: Half of Alaska youth don't think misuse of prescription meds is dangerous

November 10th 2:38 pm

There are some things we have come, for better or worse, to expect from children. There's the "terrible twos," for example, a well-recognized developmental period when many children discover the word "no." We also expect a certain amount of rebellion from [...]

Opinion: Opening ANWR to stop climate change?

November 10th 2:37 pm

Implausible arguments don't sit well in oil development debate

Opinion: Social media blame falls squarely on us

November 3rd 10:40 am

It never feels good to find out you have been manipulated, but this week, Americans have even more information on attempts by Russian organizations to influence the presidential election using the platform of choice of the decade; social media. According to [...]

Opinion: Social media blame falls squarely on us

November 3rd 10:22 am

It never feels good to find out you have been manipulated, but this week, Americans have even more information on attempts by Russian organizations to influence the presidential election using the platform of choice of the decade, social media. According to [...]

Opinion: Candidate Arey endorses Brower

November 3rd 10:21 am

As one of the 2017 North Slope Borough mayoral candidates, it is with sincere commitment to my fellow North Slope constituents that I make my formal statement for the Nov. 7 North Slope Borough mayoral runoff election. I am hereby endorsing Mayor Harry K [...]

Opinion: NPR-A promises wealth of oil, strong Arctic presence

November 3rd 10:20 am

To win the race for control, region's top priority should be developing infrastructure

Opinion: Looking at a single tree, painter sees Alaska in a new way

November 3rd 10:19 am

Painting brings a unique Northern experience to life

Opinion: Iditarod board needs to rethink approach to ensuring drug-free dogs

October 27th 2:34 pm

My friend's truck got stolen last week. The thieves stole it not in the dark of night, but during the daytime, from a fairly public spot in the small town we call home. It was recovered a few days later in Anchorage, crashed and trashed. In the discussion [...]

Opinion: The drug crisis is drafting Alaska grandparents to raise children

October 27th 2:33 pm

Ever more children of the opioid crisis are being raised by their grandparents. "I didn't intend for a third family. This is my third time around," said Rozann Kimpton, who at age 82 is raising two teenagers, her great-grandchildren. "But me and the other [...]

Opinion: Permanent Fund principal is the only option for fiscal security

October 27th 2:32 pm

Please read the opinion of Lt Gov. Byron Mallott in Sunday's Anchorage paper. He is right on, we have a serious problem, with only a year to go, then our only option is to look at the principal of the Permanent Fund, which none of us wants. It would go [...]

Opinion: AFN kicks off week of celebrating, supporting Alaska Native culture

October 19th 11:36 pm

On Monday, a young hunter got the support of hundreds. He earned it the hard way. Chris Agragiiq Apassingok was 16 when he helped catch a massive bowhead whale passing by his home of Gambell on St. Lawrence Island. In a keynote address at the Elders and [...]

Opinion: The last night of a great machine and a team who did their jobs well

October 19th 11:36 pm

The printing press seemed to live. Every night for 31 years, beginning at about 11 p.m., it rumbled the building off Bragaw Street, the smell of ink wafting down the halls. From words and images, it made physical things. And then on Saturday night, it died.

Opinion: Half of women in Alaska have suffered through domestic violence

October 13th 3:58 pm

Think of all the women you came into contact with in your day-to-day business today. This week. This month. Think of all the girls in your child's class. Think of all the women in church. Think of school board members, grocery store cashiers, the women who [...]

Opinion: We may have chosen the wrong date for Indigenous Peoples Day

October 13th 3:58 pm

I'm not sure we should celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day on the second Monday of October. Gov. Bill Walker signed a bill this year renaming Columbus Day in Alaska in honor of Native people. The previous two years, he had made the same action by proclamation. [...]

Opinion: Pebble Mine version 201 still a risk

October 6th 11:19 am

I remember when the Northern Dynasty team from Canada first visited the Kenai Peninsula to talk about the mine they hoped to develop in the hills on the other side of the Cook Inlet. They presented their PowerPoint presentation to the Homer Chamber of [...]

Opinion: Alaskans say yes to ANWR drilling

October 6th 11:19 am

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is the largest wildlife refuge in America. Spanning more than 19 million acres, it's an area larger than 10 U.S. states. This vast expanse is home to caribou, fox, bears, and dozens of other species. Much of that land is [...]

Opinion: Las Vegas shooting hits home in Alaska

October 6th 11:18 am

This was supposed to be my happy column. I've just returned from an amazing family wedding in Denver and am getting ready to join my sister in a trip to Croatia. Despite the threat of nuclear war with North Korea, because diplomacy just won't work, or the [...]

Opinion: Bringing more indigenous voices to the table

September 29th 11:55 am

My name is Cade Emory Terada. I'm a Japanese American and a former U.S. Arctic Youth Ambassador from the No. 1 fishing port by volume in the nation; every fish sandwich at McDonalds in the world (except New Zealand and Australia) came from my hometown.

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