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Opinion: Inupiat Ilitqusiat and a changing world

February 16th 1:49 pm

Looking to an uncertain future does not have to be done through pessimistic eyes. Our world has changed dramatically in the past 50 years. As an Iñupiaq, I can reflect on my own life and feel pessimism, or I can reflect and see a future of opportunities and [...]

Opinion: Fake or real? Critical reading and research keep us from spreading propaganda

February 16th 1:14 pm

This Monday we, as a state and a nation, will celebrate Presidents Day, a day many in America feel more conflicted about than they usually would, given the tumultuous nature of the current political climate in this country. Chances are good that on Monday, [...]

Opinion: Inupiat Iłitqusiat and a changing world

February 16th 1:13 pm

Looking to an uncertain future does not have to be done through pessimistic eyes. Our world has changed dramatically in the past 50 years. As an Iñupiaq, I can reflect on my own life and feel pessimism, or I can reflect and see a future of opportunities [...]

Opinion: Lawmakers need to set scandals aside, get down to critical business

February 9th 6:11 pm

The revolving door of resigning rural legislators continues this week with the news that Bethel lawmaker Rep. Zach Fansler was accused of slapping a woman in his hotel room. Fansler resigned Friday, though criminal charges had not been filed when he made the [...]

Opinion: Commit to giving back to your community in 2018

February 9th 6:10 pm

GCI opened its doors for business in 1979 and has been serving Alaskans with long distance, cable, internet and wireless service ever since. But GCI is more than just Alaska's technology leader, we are a company founded and operated by Alaskans. We are [...]

Opinion: If Ambler road is built, say farewell to the Upper Kobuk

February 9th 6:09 pm

I do not permanently live in the Northwest Arctic any longer, but still visit it frequently to carry on old friendships and enjoy the land and rivers that are forever a part of me. A good portion of that land and many of the rivers are about to meet their [...]

Opinion: The state's recession is hitting low-income Alaskans hard

February 2nd 1:31 pm

It's not news that Alaska is in a recession. Economists have been predicting the downturn will continue for several more years and, barring unforeseen developments, will plateau out at that bottom level for at least a decade to come. We've seen the state's [...]

Opinion: Memories of '68 reverberate 50 years on

February 2nd 1:31 pm

In the Jan. 8 New Yorker, Louis Menand reflects on the 1968 presidential election in his piece "Been There." The '68 election still casts a long shadow. Here are some of memories of '68 and the election from a man who was 23 years old at the time.

Opinion: Congress opens ANWR. Now what?

January 26th 1:38 am

Congress' decision to allow drilling in ANWR as part of the GOP tax reform package is a monumental achievement. Green-lighting this project opens the door to future economic opportunities for the North Slope, and gives our region the ability to "keep the [...]

Opinion: Are you ready for emergencies?

January 26th 1:37 am

It seems to be a law of nature in Alaska that emergencies happen not as you are sitting down for a cup of tea on an endlessly sunny day, but in the middle of one of the darkest, coldest nights of the year. That's just life. So when the earthquake started to [...]

Opinion: In Your Words: As a Inupiaq, I am tired of being tired

January 26th 1:36 am

I am tired of Outsiders coming in to speak about us, question our actions and adapt to our culture, only to then compare their traditional knowledge to our own or lack thereof. I am tired of being told about who we are from these Outsiders. I am tired of [...]

Opinion: Hawaii scare reminder of need for renewed diplomatic efforts

January 19th 12:12 pm

Last week, when thousands of people in Hawaii were waking to a message that their lives were in imminent danger, Alaskans were, for the most part, blissfully unaware until news started to circulate hours later. Not so, however, for those with loved ones on [...]

Opinion: Remembering Dr. King's dream

January 19th 12:12 pm

Editor's note: Martin Luther King Jr. made hundreds of speeches, but the one he made Aug. 28, 1963, from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., to a crowd of nearly 300,000 civil rights demonstrators is his best known. The "I Have a Dream" [...]

Opinion: Alaskans must invest in our own future

January 19th 12:11 pm

I have been a resident of this great land since 1949. I married a local, born-and-raised Alaskan girl. We raised eight children together, and they all still live in-state. I chose to become a loyal member of the Republican party more than 60 years ago, in [...]

Opinion: Thanks for help with fireworks

January 12th 1:15 pm

Thank you everyone who helped with the 2018 New Year's fireworks show in Kotzebue. The 2018 New Year's community fireworks show did not light up the sky in Kotzebue at midnight New Year's Eve, due to the high winds and blizzard conditions. This year's [...]

Opinion: Opening offshore to oil development is good news

January 12th 12:35 pm

When the environmental lawsuit industry is hopping mad about something, chances are news is good. Last week's news is a perfect example. Ryan Zinke, a former U.S. Navy Seal who also happens to be the U.S. secretary of the interior, looked at America's [...]

Opinion: SpaceX engineer developed skills in rural Alaska

January 12th 12:35 pm

Ben Kellie took a short path from helping his bush pilot father in Nikiski to launching SpaceX rockets in California. Now he's back working in rural Alaska aviation, but with skills for technology innovation he learned in the commercial space industry.

Opinion: Five 2018 resolutions for Alaskans

January 5th 8:00 pm

Every winter, as the year rolls over, many embark on the annual tradition of setting New Year's resolutions. So many of those pledges are bound for failure — resolutions to give up favorite foods, start new diets and run a marathon by the end of the [...]

Opinion: My personal Pebble, version No. 2

January 5th 7:59 pm

It has been four years since I made my personal opinion on Pebble project, a project that has not, will not, and cannot begin unless its study and plans are scrutinized by Environmental Protection Agency, State of Alaska and the public grant needed [...]

Opinion: In 2017, we learned what men shouldn't do. What's next?

January 5th 7:58 pm

In 2017, a cultural movement crested for the protection of women from harassers. But it will be some time before we understand what that means for men. Many of us men are socially incompetent, shy, inexperienced or clueless. Often, we lack both [...]

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