Pilot, FAA share responsibility for fatal 2014 plane crash

March 18th 4:14 pm

Pilot error and an unwise certification by the Federal Aviation Administration are to blame for a fatal airplane crash near Atigun Pass in 2014. The pilot, Forest Kirst, who was 57 at the time, had a "history of accidents, incidents, re-examinations, and [...]

Arctic states join forces for suicide prevention

March 18th 4:13 pm

A group of international Arctic organizations is coming together to talk about the difficult subject of suicide within northern indigenous communities. The initiative is called RISING SUN, which stands for Reducing the Incidence of Suicide in Indigenous [...]

State dials up pressure on ConocoPhillips after delays in exploration

March 18th 4:13 pm

Opposition from an Inupiaq village near the U.S. petroleum reserve in Alaska has stopped ConocoPhillips from drilling a nearby exploration well, a move that raises doubts about future exploration efforts at the potential oil play on the North Slope.

Huge North Slope oil discovery just got bigger, company says

March 18th 4:04 pm

A Spanish oil company working with a small explorer in Alaska announced Thursday what it's calling the largest onshore U.S. oil discovery in three decades. The discovery is near the northeastern edge of the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska on leased state land.

Alaska caribou avoiding food 'mismatch' problems

March 18th 4:03 pm

On the tundra of northern Alaska, spring is coming earlier and plants are sprouting earlier, but migrating caribou are not missing out on the high-quality food plants they need in spring and early summer, new research shows. A study led by the U.S. [...]

Opioid abuse a high priority for lawmakers

March 18th 4:03 pm

Alaska lawmakers have about one-third of the regular legislative session left to finish their work, and the to-do list does not appear to be getting any shorter. The agenda for the final 30 days includes confirmation of board appointments, consideration of [...]

Lady Huskies close season with loss to Bethel

March 18th 4:02 pm

The Kotzebue Lady Huskies basketball season came to a close with a disappointing 45-37 loss to Bethel in the consolation final of the Western Conference Regional Tournament last Saturday at Dimond High School in Anchorage.  A win would have advanced the Lady [...]

Bill would create climate change commission, ANWR trips for Congress

March 18th 4:01 pm

One new bill in the Alaska House would create a state climate change response commission, while another would establish an Arctic National Wildlife Refuge tour program for members of Congress. House Bill 173, from Anchorage Democratic Rep. Andy Josephson, [...]

Alaska senators say no to Coast Guard cuts

March 18th 4:01 pm

WASHINGTON — Alaska's Republican senators won't support proposed major budget cuts for the U.S. Coast Guard, they told the White House Office of Management and Budget in a letter following reports of major cuts in President Donald Trump's draft budget.

Finland is taking over Arctic Council, climate leadership from the U.S.

March 18th 3:59 pm

When the Arctic Council leadership passes from the United States to Finland in May, will President Trump and his denial of climate change pose problems for the eight-nation body and its work to protect the circumpolar environment? Probably not, says a [...]

In Your Words: Building a collegiate cohort

March 18th 3:57 pm

Principal reading club started back last fall but only for four students, grades 5th/6th. We wanted to keep them interested in reading just for fun and slowly it has evolved into a club to keep a focus on a university academic track. A couple of students [...]

Scholarship deadlines approaching for Arctic students

March 18th 3:56 pm

Scholarship deadlines are fast approaching for North Slope Borough and Northwest Arctic students hoping to get some extra help moving on with their educations. There are a handful of scholarships handed out each year to local students or students who are [...]

Governor seeks 'Choose Respect' posters from kids

March 18th 3:56 pm

A contest is underway for students across Alaska to design posters related to the Choose Respect campaign. Started under former Gov. Sean Parnell, the initiative is meant to bring awareness to the issue of domestic violence and sexual assault in the state by [...]

Alaska State Troopers Report

March 18th 3:55 pm

On March 8, Alaska State Troopers made contact with Zachary David, 26, of Anchorage, traveling from Nome to Elim at the Nome airport just after 8 a.m. David was arrested on a warrant for repeat offenses of being a minor consuming alcohol, probation violation, [...]

Who Done It

March 18th 3:54 pm

Lawrence Kaleak Sage, 45, of Utqiaġvik, pleaded guilty to the class C felony charge of assault in the third degree for having two or more prior convictions of assault in the fourth degree and reached a plea agreement. Following the plea agreement, he was [...]

Opinion: What does free speech mean to people in the U.S., anyway?

March 18th 3:52 pm

Freedom of speech is one of those human rights that we all take for granted, perhaps more than any other, especially when it comes to the right to discuss, disagree and protest the policies that govern our lives. In the United States, that right is [...]

Opinion: Don Young calls on President Trump to sell 'Mexico Wall Bonds'

March 18th 3:50 pm

After descending the Trump Tower escalator in 2015, Donald Trump famously pledged to build a great, great wall. "And I will make Mexico pay for that wall. Mark my words," he said. Until we see the cash from Mexico, a transfer about as likely as the official [...]

Opinion: Jury says APD owes detectives who claimed prejudice

March 18th 3:41 pm

Two former detectives said the Anchorage Police Department pushed corruption allegations against them because they had complained of racial discrimination. After hearing their story, a jury on Tuesday awarded each almost $1 million. "I wanted my name back, [...]

Opinion: Budget amendments can't hide $3 billion question

March 18th 3:40 pm

Don't confuse the hundreds of unsuccessful budget amendments floated by North Pole Rep. Tammie Wilson with a coherent plan to cut the budget by hundreds of millions. Not even close. While Wilson thinks offering 243 budget amendments is worthy of balloons, [...]

Opinion: Alaska teens march for civics and salmon

March 18th 3:39 pm

My coach always tells us, "You're not always going to be playing basketball, but you'll carry your education around for the rest of your life." I try to take this saying to heart. I've lived in Unalaska for my entire life and every day I see how my education [...]

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