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Clinton Walter Hlebechuk

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Clinton Walter Hlebechuk, 69, passed away Saturday, Dec. 23, 2017, at South Peninsula Hospital in Homer.

A gathering in his honor was held Dec. 28 at Land's End Resort in Homer.

Hlebechuk was born on Sept. 19, 1948 to Walter and Martha (Enzi) Hlebechuk in Dickinson, N.D? He was raised on a farm in Billings County, N.D?

Clint attended a one-room school in Billings County through eighth grade? He graduated from Killdeer High School in 1966?

Hlebechuk married Shirley Kind and to this union two children were born, Warren Paul and Kimberly.?He later married Tonja Gluesing and to this union Michael and Alexius were born?Hlebechuk was also married to Sherol Ledin and Simyra Taback??

Hlebechuk was a man who followed his dream and that was to be in Alaska, a part of the last frontier.

During his lifetime?Hlebechu?worked in various jobs in North Dakota, but always had a bit of wanderlust in his soul? In 1988 he moved to Kodia?to start a charter fishing company which later led to the start-up o?the Hallo Bay Wilderness Camp business he ran, located in Homer, Alaska?Clint poured his heart and soul into this profession and became a world-renowned figure in this industry. He catered to the international community and built a model business that was a huge success. Nowhere in the world could tourists expect to get up close and personal with the wildlife of Alaska as he had to offer.

Hlebechuk knew Alaska was the last frontier and wanted to be a part of that landscape before it was gone. Some of the accomplishments include having the likes of the Disney World Discovery", the BBC, the BBC's Alaska Live presentation, and National Geographic at his camp for filming of the wildlife and creating documentaries and films. Possibly the greatest accomplishment was his efforts to get Disney World to film a large portion of the Earth Day movie "Bears" based out of his camp at Hallo Bay? He was a very strong believer of his model of leaving no trace in the wilderness and accomplished that like no other.?

Hlebechuk was a naturalist who said "Today, the enemies of wildlife include sprawling urbanization, overuse of habitat areas and resource managers desperate for increased revenue sources, the public demanding to see and use their public lands at a greater rate than ever and poorly planned and executed wildlife studies? My greatest pleasure today is giving others the opportunity to observe a thriving pristine wildlife habitat without large impacting crowds? Each day brings an opportunity to experience an unspoiled habitat and savor it again and again." Hlebechuk will be missed greatly by all his family members, friends and business associates from around the world?

The family would like to extend a hug?thank you to Hlebechuk's long-time friend Toni Jankovic and her sister, Karen Sullivan, for caring for Hlebechuk in his final months?

Hlebechuk was preceded in death by his father, Walter Hlebechuk of Fairfield, N.D.

Clint was the oldest of six children? He survived by his children Warren Paul (Lipong) and Kimberly Mason, Chicago, Wis.; Michael (Sara) Hlebechuk, Fargo, N.D.; Alexius Fisher? Boston, Mass.; his mother, Martha Hlebechuk, Fairfield, N.D.; siblings Donna (Tom) Miller, Madison, Wis.; Paula (Rod) Riehl, Boise, Idaho; John Hlebechuk, South Heart, N.D.; Rebecca (Darrell) Schwindt, Dickinson, N.D.; and Jim (Carla) Hlebechuk, Killdeer, N.D.; and, numerous grandchildren?

Arrangements were by Peninsula Memorial Chapel.


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