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Wolves claim 2 golds at Noorvik Scramble

November 24th, 2017 | Tommy Wells Print this article   Email this article  

Joe Foxglove and Chuckie Foxglove both walked away from the Noorvik High School Scramble on Saturday with plenty of reasons to smile. The two helped Selawik turn in a stellar effort at the 11-team meet by grinding out first-place finishes in their respective divisions.

Joe Foxglove claimed the 120/132-pound weight classification by surviving a tough three-match dual with Noatak's Justice Jones. After splitting their first two matches, Foxglove managed to salt away the title with a win at the 1:08 mark of their third bout.

Chuckie Foxglove claimed the 160/170-pound title by putting together a perfect 3-0 record. All three of his victories came via pins. Kotzebue's Samuel Lazarus finished second in the 160/170 standings. Deering's James Cleveland and Selawik's Joseph Black placed third and fourth in the class, respectively.

Selawik's Harding Black, Kaylie Greist and Trisha Mann added to the Wolves' success. Black was second in the boys' 145/152-pound division, while Greist finished second in the girls' 106-113-pound standings. Mann was second in the girls' 120/132-pound bracket.

Buckland's Triniy Ahkpuk won the girls' 106/113-pound championship. Jacquelyn Berlin also notched a win for the Sissauni by taking the 120/132-pound crown.

Noorvik's Lucy Foster was third in the 120/132-pound standings. Kotzebue's Juanita Edenshaw was fourth.

Noatak's Robert Sheldon and Noorvik's Kain Hoffman both claimed gold medals in boys' action. Sheldon edged out Harding Black for the 145/152-pound championship. Buckland's Edgar Swan and Noorvik's Richard Hankinson placed third and fourth.

Hoffman slipped past Selawik's Colton Davis in the 113/120-pound class.


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