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Many Northwest Arctic races remain close

October 6th, 2017 | Shady Grove Oliver Print this article   Email this article  

Several of the races for Northwest Arctic Borough Assembly and the Northwest Arctic Borough School Board remained too close to call by Tuesday night, due to the fact that ballots from two villages still needed to be counted.

As of 11:30 p.m., all results for the district were in except for those from Kivalina and Noatak, where election officials had not yet submitted their counts to the borough clerk.

For the assembly, Timothy Gavin Jr. held a slim lead over Kirk Oviok Jr. for District 3, Seat E. Gavin received 531 votes to Oviok's 521. There were 17 write-ins. This race could easily shift depending on votes from the two other villages.

Sandy Shroyer Beaver also held the lead for District 4, Seat H, with 482 votes. Walter G. Sampson was just behind her with 439 votes, while Johnson Greene was third with 200 votes. There were nine write-ins for that race.

Lucy S. Nelson ran unopposed and won District 4, Seat G with 1,020 votes, without the villages that still needed to be counted. There were 24 write-ins.

On the school board, Marie N. Greene will take District 4, Seat G. She ran unopposed and received 988 votes to 32 write-ins.

Cindy (Smith) Fields had taken a significant lead for District 4, Seat H by Tuesday night with 669 votes. Far behind her were Angela Washington with 269 votes and Nicole N. Stoops with 187 votes. There were only three write-ins in that race.

Margaret Hansen retained a fairly healthy lead for District 4, Seat J with 644 votes. Her opponent, Corina Kramer, was behind with 476 votes. There were nine write-ins.

The closest assembly race, however, was District 4, Seat K. By Tuesday night, Jackie M. Hill held a very tight lead with 400 votes. Right behind her was Kathleen (Uhl) Sherman with 387 votes. Also close behind in third was Roberta Schaeffer Shrader with 322. This race could easily go to a runoff if the two missing villages' votes are in keeping with the current tallies.

There were 50 special needs ballots and 65 question ballots still to be counted by Tuesday night, as well.

Election officials said they expected results to come in from both Kivalina and Noatak by Wednesday.

These results are all unofficial and must be certified by canvass boards for each region.

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