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Mongoyak, Whalers run away with NSBSD crown

September 22nd, 2017 | Tommy Wells Print this article   Email this article  

Even though Isiah Mongoyak and Michael Hopson didn't win on Saturday, they emerged from the 2017 North Slope Borough School District Championships with the biggest laugh. And helped their team hoist the biggest honor.

Mongoyak and Hopson, along with Esau Weyiouanna, spearheaded a solid outing by the Whalers as they streaked to the team championship at the borough cross-country meet. Barrow rolled up 33 points in the five-kilometer race and easily edged out Point Lay and Point Hope for the team bragging rights. Point Lay finished second with 40 points, while Point Hope checked in third with 50.

A sophomore standout, Mongoyak highlighted the Whalers' efforts on the course. He picked up a bronze medal by legging out a third-place finish with a time of 19 minutes and 39 seconds.

Hopson and Weyiouanna finished fourth and fifth, respectively, with impressive runs of their own. Hopson posted a mark of 19:57. Weyiouanna turned in his best time of the 2017 season with a time of 19:58.

Mikal Nelson gave the Whalers a fourth top 10 finisher, crossing the finish line in seventh with a time of 20:37.

Although Barrow claimed the team crown, Point Lay's Ethan Tukrook and Austin Lane walked away with the top two spots in the individual standings - easily.

Tukrook, a senior at Kali High School, dominated the boys' race. He raced his way to first with a time of 19:07. Lane, a sophomore, finished second at 19:32.

Anaktuvuk Pass standout Chase Nay also did well, placing sixth overall with a season-best run of 20:30.

Alexia Bankston and Sara Wolgemuth helped Barrow sweep the top two spots in the girls' division. Bankston turned in a season-best mark of 24:22 en route to winning the race. Wolgemuth placed second at 24:37.

Anaktuvuk Pass' Claire Fry finished third overall with a run of 25:22.

Barrow's Rachel Solomon , Lewanne Mongoyak-Brower and Kaley Nelson rounded out the list of BHS scorers. A sophomore, Solomon finished fourth with a personal-best time of 25:27. Mongoyak-Brower was sixth, while Nelson checked in at No. 7.

The Barrow girls won the girls' team championship.

2017 NSBSB Championships


TEAM STANDINGS - 1. Barrow 33; 2. Point Lay 40; 3. Point Hope 50.

1. Ethan Tukrook, Pt. Lay 19:07

2. Austin Lane, Pt. Lay 19:32

3. Isiah Mongoyak, Barrow 19:39

4. Michael Hopson, Barrow 19:57

5. Esau Weyiouanna, Barrow 19:58

6. Chase Nay, Anaktuvuk Pass 20:30

7. Mikal Nelson, Barrow 20:37

8. Josh Morry, Anaktuvuk Pass 20:49

9. Henry Kowunna, Pt. Hope 20:51

10. Nathan Nayakik, Wainwright 21:31

11. Jalen Cannon, Pt. Hope 21:40

12. Burton Redford, Pt. Lay 21:47

13. Donavan Lane, Pt. Hope 21:47.3

14. Johnathan Toorak, Pt. Lay 22:40

15. Leo Kinneeveauk, Pt. Hope 22:59

16. Justice Jones, Pt. Hope 23:09

17. John Frankson, Pt. Hope 23:11

18. William Nphillips, Barrow 23:42

19. Alfred Kippi, Atqasuk 24:25

20. Sean Kayotuk, Kaktovik


21. Matthew Brower, Barrow 24:45

22. Theodore Henry, Pt. Lay 25:24

23. Sam Henry, Pt. Lay 27:22

24. Kenneth Neakok, Pt. Lay 27:29

25. Theodore Schaefer, Pt. Hope


26. Gideon Frankson, Pt. Hope 27:43

27. Iqsi Lane, Pt. Lay 28:21

28. Ethan Nance, Barrow 28:26

29. Douglas Cabinboy, Nuiqsut Trapper 32:04

30. Burton Ahkiviana, Nuiqsut Trapper 33:00



1. Alexia Bankston, Barrow 24:22

2. Sara Wolgemuth, Barrow 24:37

3. Claire Fry, Anaktuvuk Pass 25:22

4. Rachel Solomon, Barrow 25:27

5. Abigail Fry, , Anaktuvuk Pass 26:15

6. Lewanne Mongoyak-Brower, Barrow 26:39

7. Kaley Nelson, Barrow 26:49

8. Anna Henry, Pt. Lay 27:20

9. Chloe Mongoyak-Brower, Barrow 27:24

10. Stephanie Lane, Pt. Lay 28:41

11. Bernice Kagak, Atqasuk 29:20

12. Jenysa Ahmaogak, Wainwright 29:37

13. Jada Lane, Pt. Hope 30:15

14. Sole Anderson, Anaktuvuk Pass 30:19

15. Jacqueline Henry, Pt. Lay 31:33

16. Jayna Wolgemuth, Barrow 32:15

17. Melissa Anderson, Anaktuvuk Pass 32:45

18. Teri Ferrera, Pt. Lay 33:42


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