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Wilson, Mack sprint to wins at Tustumena Invite

September 15th, 2017 | Tommy Wells Print this article   Email this article  

Unalaska's Trevor Wilson and King Cove's Elaina Mack both turned in outstanding performances on Saturday en route to claiming victories in their respective divisions at the Tustumena Invitational Cross Country Meet in Dutch Harbor.

"It was a great day to be a Raider," said Unalaska head coach David Gibson. "We set many new season PRs (personal records) and eight new career PRs."

Wilson highlighted a staggering effort by the Unalaska Raiders in the boys' division. He raced his way to the individual honors by posting a time of 17 minutes, 59.54 seconds.

As a team, Unalaska claimed nine of the top 10 positions in the race, including the first five spots in a row. Blaine Herring grabbed second-place honors with a time of 18:03.35. Michael Pereat, Henry Simmonds and Chris Garcia placed third through fifth, respectively.

King Cove standout Graydon Severian was the only non-UHS runner to crack the top 10. He finished sixth overall at 19:48.60.

Backed by their domination of the top 10, Unalaska breezed to the boys' team title. The Raiders amassed just 15 points in the meet. King Cove finished second at 48.

Mack claimed an easy win in the girls' division, sprinting to personal-best mark of 22:17.11. Unalaska's Hailey Wilson, Bridget Nalam and Abigail Go finished second, third and fourth, respectively. King Cove's Sadie Newton was fifth.

The Unalaska girls won the team crown with 22 points. King Cove was second at 35.

Unalaska will return to action this weekend when they compete in the Homer Time Trials.

Tustumena Invitational


1. Elaina Mack, King Cove 22:17.11

2. Hailey Wilson, Unalaska 23:04.89

3. Bridget Nalam, Unalaska 23:26.14

4. Abigail Go, Unalaska 24:22.98

5. Sadie Newton, King Cove 24:49.98

6. Kathryn Difuntorum, Unalaska 25:18.79

7. Julieanne Berikoff, Unalaska 25:45.82

8. Chistine Aichele, King Cove 26:20.35

9. Lindsay Dushkin, Sand Point 26:31.38

10. Mercedez Caudillo, Unalaska 26:32.07

11. Monica Yatchmeneff, King Cove 26:43.32

12. Emmaly Brandell, King Cove 27:20.88

13. Jalaya Durate, King Cove 29:05.79

14. Bethany Brandell, King Cove 30:02.73

15. Nicole Gould, King Cove 30:06.11

16. Charlynn Brandell, King Cove 30:06.58

17. Alysha Decina, Unalaska 30:08.70

18. Jackie Gronholdt, Sand Point 30:58.29

19. Alexis Dushkin, Sand Point 35:26.76


1. Trevor Wilson, Unalaska 17:59.54

2. Blaine Henning, Unalaska 18:03.35

3. Michael Pereat, Unalaska 18:11.72

4. Henry Simmonds, Unalaska 18:40.80

5. Chris Garcia, Unalaska 19:35.10

6. Graydon Severian, King Cove 19:48.60

7. Talon Shaishnikoff, Unalaska 19:49.35

8. Bruce Tan, Unalaska 19:50.22

9. Raul Garcia, Unalaska 20:29.76

10. John Esnardo, Unalaska 20:34.70

11. Braydyn Brandell, King Cove 20:48.91

12. Brian Aichele, King Cove 21:01.16

13. Alex Esnardo, Unalaska 21:08.22

14. Justin Mobec, Sand Point 21:20.05

15. Peder Jeppesen, Unalaska 21:26.57

16. Karl Smith, Sand Point 21:38.19

17. Landen Shaishnikoff, Unalaska 22:27.54

18. Elia Lind, King Cove 22:45.19

19. Gary Gould, King Cove 23:06.54

20. Edmond Cumberlidge, Sand Point 23:51.00

21. Mario Duarte, King Cove 23:56.97

22. Dylan Larsen, King Cove 25:05.79

23. Jesse Starnes, Sand Point 26:06.72

24. Trever Schliebe, Unalaska 27:01.64

25. Devin Roehl, Sand Point 35:34.36


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