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Public Safety - Sept. 1 to 10

September 14th, 2017 | Homer Tribune Print this article   Email this article  


Kachemak Emergency Services responded to one fire call and five medical emergency calls during the week of Sept. 4 to 10.

Homer Volunteer Fire Department responded to eight EMS calls and no fire calls during the week.


Sept. 1

11:45 — Caller reports theft from business and vandalism after the fact.

12:24 — Officer assists male with writ of assistance, attempt to serve TRO, unable to locate subject.

13:09 — Officer and medics respond to MVA? in roadway.

13:39 — Caller requested to speak with officer about civil issue involving vehicle. Officer advised options

16:09 — 911 caller reported REDDI that passed a line of stopped vehicles that were allowing pedestrians to cross and in doing so, almost hit a small child. Officer to area,

16:25 — Caller reports theft from vehicle after the fact

16:36 — Driver warned for erratic driving.

16:45 — Caller requests welfare check on girlfriend. Officer to area. Unable to locate

17:42 — Caller requested welfare check. Officer to scene and medics to scene, all OK.

17:55 — Caller stated suspicious vehicle, requested patrols in area and check on vehicle. Contacts vehicle.

18:06 — Caller requested welfare check on suicidal subject. Officer and medics to area, unable to locate subject. Third party caller from out of area.

19:44 — Caller reports hearing possible gunfire in city limits. Officer to area, unable to locate.

20:35 — Subject presents at counter to report drug information.

20:50 — Subject presents at counter with found drives.

21:07 — Caller provides report of REDDI vehicle pass inbound to Homer. Officer advised.

22:19 — Caller reports intoxicated male walking out of town stepping into roadway flagging people down. Caller felt it was unsafe. Officer advised.

22:45 — Caller reports REDDI vehicle. Officers to area, unable to locate. Officers later contacted vehicle. Male arrested for driving under the influence and taken to Homer Jail.

Sept. 2

2:23 — Officer conducted traffic stop. Male arrested driving under the influence (drugs) and taken to Homer Jail.

3:27 — Officer conducts security check of area.

5:58 — Officer conducted traffic stop. Male arrested for DUI and taken to Homer Jail

10:43 — Caller reports small brush fire on walking trail. Officer and firefighters to scene.

12:11 — 911 caller reports intoxicated female driver at business drove over two curbs and hit parked vehicle before driving off. Officer to area, contact with vehicle made. One female arrested for driving while intoxicated.

12:42 — Caller reports MVA—D with possible intoxicated male driver in business parking lot. Officer to scene. One male arrested for driving while intoxicated.

13:08 — Caller reports theft of phone from vehicle after the fact.

15:15 — 911 caller reports vehicle broken into after the fact.

15:53 — Caller reports losing wallet. Subject later calls to report wallet found.

12:47 — Caller requests options regarding managing parking vehicles at business. Officer advised options

16:59 — Caller reports ATVs on prohibited area of beach. Officer to area.

21:46 — Officers assist medics.

21:49 — Anonymous 911 caller reports disturbance at residence. Officers to scene, female trespassed from residence.

22:12 — Caller on 911 reports ex girlfriend is sulcldal and has a knife. Officers to scene, all OK. Subjects transported to new location.

Sept. 3

1:13 — Caller reports loud music coming from bar. Officers advised.

1:37 — Caller requests assistance with customer. Officers to scene. Male arrested for Assault IV and Criminal Trespass.

2:57 — Officer conducts routine traffic stop. As a result two juveniles issued MCAs.

3:45 — Officer conducts security check of area.

3:59 — Cab driver came to PD with intoxicated subject passed out in vehicle. Male taken to ER by cab driver.

7:33 — Caller requested an officer assist him removing trespasser. Officer to area. No one found inside all OK.

9:35 — Caller reported REDDI report. Officer to scene.

12:37 — Caller request welfare check on male. Officer to area. Unable to locate at address. Advised callers to contact Alaska State Troopers.

14:05 — Female presented at front counter to report theft of cash from residence. Officer advised.

13:50 — Caller reported a possible abandoned vehicle. Caller called back and advised problem resolved itself. Officer advised.

15:29 — Callers reported two to three big dogs in car that needed attention. Animal control officer advised.

18:04 — Driver summonsed for no insurance.

18:39 — Driver warned for speed.

19:28 — Driver warned for speed.

20:05 — Caller reports subjects damaging items of property and possible theft from property.

Sept. 4

0:30 — Caller reports overdue resident. Reported for information. Officer advised.

1:00 — Officer found property.

8:40 — Female presented at front counter with information about a possible scam. Female advised options.

9:40 — Caller reported plane partially submerged. Officer to area. Message left for registered owner.

14:47 — Officer conducts security check of park and campground.

14:57 — Caller reports REDDI vehicle. Officer contacts driver. No impairment detected.

16:50 — Anonymous male presents at counter with drug information.

17:00 — Caller reports theft from storage unit.

18:11 — 911 hang up. On callback spoke with employee who advised guest was trying to call out. All OK. Officer advised.

19:03 — Driver warned for distracted driving, using electronic device.

19:20 — Caller reports car alarm going off in neighborhood for extended period. Officer to area. All OK.

21:13 — 911 open line. Nothing suspicious heard in background.

22:19 — Caller reported suspicious circumstance at business after hours.

Sept. 5

0:44 — 911 caller reported a domestic disturbance. Officers to the area.

2:00 — Caller reported possible intoxicated male in the middle of the road. Officers to the area.

2:30 — 911 caller reported suspicious activity. Officer to scene.

10:07 — Male presented at front counter with a report of an MVA —Damage only, aboard the Ferry Tustumena. Report needed for rental company.

10:25 — 911 hang up on call back advised it was an accidental dial. Officer to area.

10:55 — Female presented at the front counter reported neighbors shooting BB gun, after the fact.

11:09 — Officer advises subject on city ordinance regarding itinerant merchant permits.

12:28 — Caller reported debris in the roadway causing a traffic hazard. Officer to area. Debris removed.

12:14 — Caller reports witnessing hit and run in parking lot.

12:25 — Female presented at the front counter with a correctable ticket.

12:37 — Caller requested an officer assist with getting belongings back. Officer advised.

13:18 — Caller reports abandoned vehicle on roadside.

14:41 — Caller reported traffic problem in the area West Homer Elementary. Officer to area. Nothing unusual noted.

15:07 — Subject presents at counter to report lost purse and wallet.

15:50 — Driver warned for speed in school zone.

16:01 — Driver warned for speeding in a school zone.

16:25 — Caller reported suspicious activity. Officer advised caller of options.

16:40 — Caller reported theft of a dirt bike. Officer advised.

18:16 — Caller reports custodial interference. Requests officer assistance.

19:30 — Subject presents at counter for sexual offender registration.

Sept. 6

0:30 — Female presented at counter with civil issue. Officer provided transport.

8:07 — Caller request welfare check. Officer to area. Subject sleeping in vehicle all OK, advised no camping in parking lots.

9:35 — Caller reported an attempted theft from her yard, after the fact. Officer advised. Caller was advised to call when occurring.

11:10 — 911 pocket dial, voice mail on call back. Nothing suspicious heard in background. No contacts with number.

11:21 — Caller concerned for welfare of possibly homeless person. Message left for proper agency.

10:51 — Caller reported an abandoned vehicle. Officer advised.

12:05 — Female presented at front counter with found set of two keys.

13:10 — Female presented at front counter reporting a theft from her apartment. Officer advised.

13:20 — Caller reported a vehicle blocking access to a Public Works station. Registered owner contacted to move the vehicle.

13:10 — Unknown male presented at front counter with a found credit card.

12:52 — Caller reported lost wallet. Caller was advised options.

14:53 — Caller request to speak to an officer about found information. Officer advised.

16:26 — Caller reported vehicle with a possible wanted subject in . Officer to area, gone on arrival.

17:23 — Caller reports subject defecating and littering on property. Officer to area.

21:18 — 911 caller reported suspicious activity. Officer to area.

Sept. 7

4:03 — Officer conducted security check.

8:49 — Caller reported checkbook stolen. Officer advised.

10:51 — Caller reported a wanted subject Officer to area. Male arrested on warrant

11:50 — Male presented at front counter with a civil issue. Officer assisted male.

14:42 — Caller reported disturbance. Officer advised.


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