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OPINION: Letters - Sept. 14

September 14th, 2017 | Homer Tribune Print this article   Email this article  

Please don't take plants

The Homer Garden Club created and maintains a beautiful flower garden at the Baycrest pullout for the enjoyment of the community and its visitors.

More than 30 local club members volunteer their time and expertise to maintain this garden during the summer months. Even more members helped to create it and club members donated funds to do so. It truly is a group effort. There are also three other gardens at the visitor overlook maintained by other volunteer groups.

Recently, the Homer Garden Club became aware that someone removed a large shrubby Barberry plant from the garden without permission. It is costly to replace items that are taken and it takes time and energy to establish plants.

This is not the first time this has happened. Several hundred dollars worth of plants have been removed in past summers.

If you see someone removing plants from the gardens, please ask them not to. Please help to keep these gardens beautiful, by reporting any theft you would see to me at 235-1068.

Francie Roberts

President, Homer Garden Club

Supporting the arts

This past August, Homer Council on the Arts and the Pratt Museum collaborated on the Dance & Aerial Festival, bringing 16 performers and teaching artists to share their knowledge and dance forms with the Homer community. The event had 20 classes over the course of the week, and culminated with an invigorating performance on the Mariner Stage. The wide range of dances gave the audience opportunity to witness performances from professional dancers in multiple genres. Without the generous support from the Homer Foundation, the Jessica Stevens Memorial Fund and the Ashley J. Logan Fund, this event would not have been produced. We sincerely thank them for the generous funding to help support this project.

It is through the arts that we connect with each other, learn to see and appreciate our differences. Thanks to the Homer Foundation, we came together as a community, witnessed cultural and aesthetic differences, and shared in the joy of all that brings!

Peggy Paver

Executive Director

Homer Council on the Arts

Thank you for supplies

Thank you to all the folks who helped 73 children, clients of the Homer Community Food Pantry, start their school year on a positive note. These students on the Southern Kenai Peninsula began school with new backpacks, filled with supplies. Thank you for helping to level the playing field for these students in need.

This is the 11th year of the Omicron Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma's "Back to School Supplies Project." The success of this project happens because of the community support and collaborative efforts with local service groups and churches. We wish to thank all of those folks who repeatedly filled the donation container at Ulmer's True Value. Special kudos to the local services groups, who continue with their support .... Homer Kachemak Bay Rotary Club for their mini-grant for startup costs, the Homer Emblem Club, Kachemak Bay Lions Club and the Rotary Club of Homer Downtown, along with Homer Brewing Company, Bev Wisdom, Debbie Smith, Rita Pfenninger, John and Ruhiyyik Baker and the anonymous donors for their financial contributions. Thank you to the caring members of the Faith Lutheran, Christian Community, Homer United Methodist and Glacierview Baptist churches, who continue to stuff the collection boxes to the brim with backpacks and supplies. Save-U-More's and Homer Art and Frame Shop's assistance with the purchasing of school supplies was greatly appreciated.

Ulmer's housing of the donation receptacle was instrumental in giving the community a place to participate in DKG's "Back to School Supplies Project. A special shout-out goes to the members of the Homer Kachemak Bay Rotary Club, who joined our members in assembling the backpacks, Linda Munns for her social media efforts, West Homer Elementary for use of the space for packing the packs and Barb Veeck for the use of her van to transport the packs. Thank you to East End Mini Storage for continued storage space. Their assistance helps this project be successful on a year round basis.

Thank you for making a difference in a child's education. Your generosity demonstrates a commitment to helping children succeed in school.

Karen Murdock

Omicron Chapter, Delta Kappa Gamma

Shooting for the stars

My name is Remi Nagle and I'm a recipient of the Diane Wambach "Shoot for the Stars" scholarship. Upon receiving this scholarship, I have agreed to write a letter to the editor addressing the scholarship and the Homer Foundation. Beyond my obligation, I write to show my appreciation for the kind support that the Homer Foundation has given me through the financial turmoil of paying off my college tuition.

I'm so very thankful that an organization such as the Homer Foundation can provide financial support for Homer High School students in pursuit of post-secondary education. Having no parental support to pay for my college, it is imperative for me to receive help from other sources such as the Homer Foundation. I feel both blessed and cared for deeply by the members of my community who recognized the adversity that I've overcome, as well the ambitions I have in achieving a business major to pursue my dreams as an entrepreneur.

I offer my greatest gratitude toward the Homer Foundation and I promise to put this scholarship to its best possible use.

Remi Nagle



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