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OPINION: Letter to the Editor: To NANA Regional Cooperation and Maniilaq Board

May 12th, 2017 | Enoch Attamuk Schiedt Print this article   Email this article  

To NANA Regional Cooperation and Maniilaq Board:

I would like to see NANA and Maniilaq change their board policy about running for the board. Now it's set you have to live at your village to represent our corporation or your IRA.

NANA and Maniilaq will say at the meeting that we need to support your students going to college and getting their education and degree. When they do get their college degree, they can't run for the boards due to the fact that they are not living in their village. This present policy should be changed, for with a college degree we will be better represented.

When they do get their degree they can't go back to their respective village for work due to the fact that there is no job in their chosen profession. They have to go to Anchorage or Fairbanks or another bigger town that might have a job in their chosen profession.

The change should be if you are enrolled in your village (hometown) and live in another town you should be able to run to represent your village with your local village council approval. Today our corporation and health corporation are hurting because we don't have expert presentation in cooperative and health-level decisions.

Today we need to change fast in our representation, fast for we need have knowledge to make it in the western world and with a degree this might change for the better.

So we need to make this change. You people in the village need to talk to your village representative for this change. If change is made on this level this change might help turn around our cooperation and health for the better.

-Enoch Attamuk Schiedt


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