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Selawik girls sweep top four spots at Shungnak

September 16th 1:42 pm | Tommy Wells, The Arctic Sounder Print this article   Email this article   Create a Shortlink for this article

The Selawik Lady Wolves' prowess showed on the cross country scene this past weekend with an eye-popping performance at the Shungnak Invitational Cross Country meet. The Selawik girls ran their way to the top four positions in the girls' race.

Laura Ramoth led Selawik's efforts. She finished first in the high school girls' race by completing the 3.1-mile event in a time of 28 minutes and 15.58 seconds. Marjorie Hingsberger and Marie Ramoth placed second and third, while Jena Johnson finished fourth.

Like the Selawik girls, Shungnak owned the high school boys' division. Shungnak nailed down the top three spots in the race. Justin Custer won the boys' race with a time of 21:10.09. Teammates Jeremy Woods and Brennon Sun finished second and third, respectively.

Kiana proved to be the class of the middle school and elementary divisions. Kristin Jackson won the middle school girls' title, while teammate Joseph Barr won the boys' title. Cody Stein and Magan Barr won the boys' and girls' elementary races.

Shungnak Invitational

Final Results



1. Cody Stein, Kiana

2. Ethan Davis, Shungnak

3. Julius Tickett, Shungnak

4. Qalliaq Doublas, Shungnak

5. Thor Morris, Kiana


1 Magan Barr, Kiana



1. Joseph Barr, Kiana

2. Bryant Sun, Shungnak

3. Micheal Garfield, Kobuk

4. Dusten Gooden, Kiana

5. Jade Tickett, Shungnak


1. Kristin Jackson. Kiana

2. Ella Tickett, Kobuk

3. Ashley Rexford, Kobuk

4. Shaedyn Barr, Kian?



1. Justin Custer, Shungnak 21.10.09

2. Jeremy Woods, Shungnak 21.14.60

3. Brennon Sun, Shungnak 21.24.50

4. Narciase Foster, Selawik 22.50.0

5. Colton Davis, Selawik 23.31.31


1. Laura Ramoth, Selawik 28.15.58

2. Marjorie Hingsberger, Selawik 28.26.44

3. Marie Ramoth, Selawik 29.10.59

4. Jena Johnson, Selawik 30.31.05


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