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Gregg defends cross-country title with photo-finish win

September 16th 2:04 pm | Jake Stoops, The Arctic Sounder Print this article   Email this article   Create a Shortlink for this article

June Nelson Elementary School hosted its second cross country run of the season on Saturday, Sept. 10 in Kotzebue.?A total of 60 runners competed in the 1.56-mile race, which started behind the high school gym and looped back through the east part of town. Finn Gregg defended his title, but had to fight off Kevin Schaeffer in a photo finish for the win with a time of 10 minutes and 16 seconds. The two traded the lead several times throughout the race.

Tuquimmaq Lee was the first female finisher - third overall - in a time of 10:29.

The biggest improvement from the first race was shown by Kodi Greene, who went from a 62nd-place in the first meet to 16th overall in this meet.

The elementary run was followed by an open race, which covered two laps on the elementary course. Lennie Lane finished first in 17:32, while Hillary Robinson placed second at 19:51, and Bobo Swanson's time of 23:28 was good for third.

Special thanks to Cathy McConnell, Bernide Beaujuin, Mandy Hill, Samantha Dutton, John Crabb and Patrick Henry for helping make the race a success.

BOYS 3rd-5th Division

1. Finn Gregg, 4th grade

2. Kevin Schaeffer, 5th grade

3. Tyran Lane, 5th grade


1. Chase Van Slyke, 2nd grade

2. Casey Stoops, 2nd grade

3. Cale Stoops, 1st grade

GIRLS 3rd-5th

1. Tuqummiq Lee, 5th grade

2. Sarah Salazar, 5th grade

3. Naomi Nanouk, 5th grade

K-2nd Girls

1. Aurora Sweeney, 2nd grade

2. Sage Gregg, 2nd grade

3. Jacoby Howarth 2nd grade

Open Race

1. Lennie Lane 17:32

2. Hillary Robinson 19:51

3. Bobo Swanson 23:28


1. Finn Gregg, 4th grade

2. Kevin Schaeffer, 5th grade

3. Tuqummiq Lee, 5th grade

4. Tyran Lane, 5th grade

5. Finnian Sweeney, 5th grade

6. Cameron Schaeffer-Karmun, 5th grade

7. Chase Van Slyke, 2nd grade

8. Sarah Salazar, 5th grade

9. Ayden Wesley, 4th grade

10. Louie Gallahorn, 3rd grade

11. Jaxen Williamson, 3rd grade

12. Naomi Nanouk, 5th grade

13. Markitah Campbell, 4th grade

14. Julianna Hernandez, 5th grade

15. McKenzie Swanson, 3rd grade

16. Kodi Greene, 5th grade

17. Tyler Kramer, 3rd grade

18. Zach Roetman, 5th grade

19. Zach Walton, 5th grade

20. Jake Sheldon, 5th grade

21. Brennen Hensley, 4th grade

22. Aurora Sweeney, 2nd grade

23. Gage Swanson, 5th grade

24. Rocky Jones, 4th grade

25. Casey Stoops, 2nd grade

26. Lindsy Greene, 5th grade

27. Caris Nanouk, 3rd grade

28. Xiimara Salazar, 4th grade

29. Atigun Frantz, 3rd grade

30. Benjamin Marcus, 3rd grade

31. Gabby Adams, 5th grade

32. Sage Gregg, 2nd grade

33. Katelyn Piper, 5th grade

34. Joe Hill, 4th grade

35. Benjamin Hunnicutt, 5th grade

36. Mylie McConnell, 3rd grade

37. Jaide Reich, 3rd grade

38. Cale Stoops, 1st grade

39. Jacoby Howarth, 2nd grade

40. Cecelia Joule, 5th grade

41. Jenna Schaeffer, 1st grade

42. Leighton Ticket, 1st grade

43. Svea Williamson, K

44. Graier Shield, 1st grade

45. Gwyneth Eggleston, 3rd grade

46. Pearl Wood, 5th grade

47. Hazel Nanouk, 1st grade

48. Rishon Nelson, 4th grade

49. Dylan Jones, 1st grade

50. Justin Kenworthy, 4th grade

51. Rebecca Howarth, 4th grade

52. Andrew Greene, 1st grade

53. Christopher Smith, 1st grade

54. Norah Madison, 1st grade

55. Faith Jefferson, 4th grade

56. Pauline McCall, 4th grade

57. Casey Schaeffer, 4th grade

58. Luica Richards, 1st grade

59. McKayla Jorgensen, 1st grade

60. Logan Greene, 1st grade

Many of the state's top cross country runners will converge on the northern part of the state this Saturday as two major meets will be held.

The Kotzebue Invitational will bring in more than a dozen teams for cross country competition on Saturday, Sept. 17. In Point Lay, teams from throughout the North Slope and northwestern Alaska will participate in the Kali Invitational.


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