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Kotzebue claims junior high titles at Noorvik Cross Country Invite

September 21st, 2013 | Tommy Wells Print this article   Email this article  

By Tommy Wells

Arctic Sounder

Trevor Hickerson and Calia Sieh both walked away with gold medals this past weekend and helped carry the Kotzebue Junior High School cross country teams to team victories at the Noorvik Cross Country Invitational.

Backed by Hickerson's winning run, the Huskies edged out Noorvik for the top spot by one point. Kotzebue finished with 17 points. Noorvik tallied 18.

Hickerson posted an easy win in the boys' division. He completed the course in a time of 20 minutes and 37.5 seconds. Noatak's Robert Shelson was second, more than a minute behind Hickerson.

Bryton Gregg led Kiana's efforts at the meet by taking third at 21:52.4. Noorvik's Tyrone Coffin was fourth.

The Huskies also collected solid outings from Gabe Stalker (7th), Xavier Jones (9th) and Marvin Lee (11th). Ethan Roetman and Tom Miller added to the Huskies' dominance by taking 12th and 13th, respectively.

Like Hickerson, Sieh had little trouble winning the girls' crown. She finished the race with a time of 24:50.0 and edged out teammates Alanna Conwell and Cassidy Kramer for the top spot.

Conwell was second at 25:56.9, while Kramer netted third at 26:14.9.

Alyssa Scheaffer gave Kotzebue four spots in the top 10 racing to 10th in the standings.

Noorvik Juunior High School Cross Country Invitational


Team Standings - 1. Kotzebue 17, 2. Nororvik 18.

1. Trevor Hickerson, Kotz 20:37.5

2. Robert Sheldon, Noatak 21:45.5

3. Bryton Gregg, Kiana 21:52.4

4. Tyrone Coffin, Noorvik 21:55.0

5. Amos Sage, Noatak 21:58.9

6. Vern Cleveland Jr., Noorvik 22:37.3

7. Gabe Stalker, Kotz 23:05.8

8. Benji Sampson, Noorvik 23:17.0

9. Xavier Jones, Kotz 23:35.5

10. Anthony Westlake, Kiana 23:41.0

11. Marvin Lee, Kotz 23:46.8

12. Ethan Roetman, Kotz 24:04.0

13. Tom Miller, Kotz 24:04.9

14. Willie Howarth, Noorvik 25:13.0

15. Harley Ryder, Kotz 25:15.6

16. Haiden Williamson, Kotz 25:45.1

17. Alvin Werneke, Kotz 26:01.9

18. Timothy Zibell, Noorvik 26:49.1

19. Skyler Wells, Noorvik 27:19.0

20. Paul Hadley, BKL 28:49.6

21. Braeden Barry, Selawik 32:33.5


Team Standings - 1. Kotzebue 6, 2. Kiana 22, 3. Selawik 33.

1. Calia Sieh, Kotz 24:50.0

2. Alanna Conwell, Kotz 25:56.9

3. Cassidy Kramer, Kotz 26:14.9

4. Miah Wolfe, Noatak 26:40.4

5. Shanna Curtis, Kiana 26:41.5

6. Taylor Wells, Kiana 26:46.5

7. Dorcas Swan, Deering 27:29.5

8. Laura Ramoth, Selawik 27:52.5

9. Justene Ramoth, Selawik 27:58.3

10. Alyssa Schaeffer, Kotz 29:14.8

11. Ariel Barr, Kiana 30:33.4

12. Bethany Riley, Kiana 30:34.8

13. Bessie Custer, Ambler 31:36.9

14. Jade Lambert, Kotz 32:02.5

15. Deborah Stein, Kotz 32:34.6

16. Marie Ramoth, Selawik 33:52.9

17. Kirsten Pete, Buckland 35:02.3

18. Ethel Gavin, Buckland 35:20.3

19. Kristin Smith, Noorvik 35:47.1


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