New ASNA housing on track to open in spring

Jan 13th 5:30 pm By Shady Grove Oliver, The Arctic Sounder

Eight duplexes are going up near hospital in Utqiaġvik

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July 29th 9:49 am

Overall, approximately 10 rural residents won events in Fairbanks

NANA Development Corp.'s credit rating downgraded

July 29th 9:47 am

Moody's rating reflects 'significant deterioration in operating performance and weak cash flow generation'

Discovering the hidden universe at bug camp

July 29th 9:47 am

OUTSIDE THE UA MUSEUM OF THE NORTH — "Look, it's a crab spider eating a moth!" says Declan Griswold, an 8-year-old who points to a rose bush. "You're right, it's a true spider, an orb weaver, just like the kind in Charlotte's Web," says Derek Sikes, [...]

Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission reviews emergency transfer regulations

July 29th 9:45 am

Proposed change is just codifying what already happens, official says

Opinion: By bringing forgotten rape kits out of storage, Alaska may deliver long-overdue justice

July 29th 9:44 am

This year, as Alaska Gov. Bill Walker and legislators tangled over the best way to solve Alaska's budget woes, he quietly launched a mandate to do right by Alaska's victims of sexual assault. Ten months ago, Walker tasked all state of Alaska departments and [...]

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January 13th 4:42 pm

I recently came across a prayer I wrote in 1994 and sent out with our family Christmas cards that year. At the time, our four children ranged in age from 6 to 13. We knew there were many influences that could negatively impact their decisions if they were not [...]

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January 13th 4:50 pm

Alaska U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski on "Obamacare": "I believe the legislation has to be repealed. It has to be replaced with sensible alternatives that are widely supported." A lot has changed since Murkowski delivered that speech on June 23, 2010. With the [...]

Fish Factor: Alaska fisheries promoters push for new fish habitat laws

January 12th 7:14 pm

Fishery advocates are hoping for the speedy delivery of a letter to state lawmakers that asks them to dust off a law pertaining to fish habitats. Title 16, the statute that outlines the responsibilities of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game when issuing [...]

Opinion: Letters - Jan. 12

January 12th 7:12 pm

ACA needs fixing, not elimination I have been a registered nurse for nearly 35 years, with over 30 of those being in Alaska. I know first-hand that the role our health care system plays is absolutely vital to the well-being of Alaskans. I strive every day [...]

New ASNA housing on track to open in spring

January 13th 4:30 pm

Eight duplexes are going up near hospital in Utqiaġvik

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