Utqiagvik name change to proceed for now

Mar 18th 1:58 am By Lisa Demer, Alaska Dispatch News

Judge rules UIC failed to make a case that it would be substantially harmed by name change

Statewide Stories

Opinion: Medical facilities in Alaska should be required to list prices

March 9th 11:59 am

As the nation grapples with the future of its national health care insurance program, Alaska has recently taken up the issue of requiring its larger health care providers to offer up a list of the prices the various facilities charge for the top 100 [...]

Opinion: Vague state law on spending excess campaign contributions needs overhaul

March 9th 11:58 am

In 1995, more than 32,000 Alaskans signed a petition to put a campaign finance reform initiative on the ballot. A section of the initiative would have created clear rules banning candidates from treating surplus campaign contributions as income. One reason [...]

Opinion: We have ingredients for success, but need recipe

March 9th 11:57 am

State economists tell us Alaska has shed 3,640 oil and gas jobs over the past two years. The last time we saw job losses of that magnitude was in the 1980s.  And - these thousands of oil and gas jobs lost do not include the hundreds of other jobs that have [...]

Opinion: Moms of opioid addicts touched Sullivan's heart, but will he use his vote to help them?

March 9th 11:55 am

When Kim Whitaker told Sen. Dan Sullivan the story of her daughter's lifelong addiction to heroin, he was so moved he set up a summit meeting. But Sullivan hasn't taken a stand on ending the most important resource for helping addicts like her daughter.

Uncovering mysteries of North Slope lake trout

March 9th 11:42 am

In early March up on the frozen Arctic Coastal Plain, as the wind sculpts snow into drifts, it's hard to tell northern lakes from surrounding tundra. But lurking deep beneath that flat white world are toothy predators as long as your arm. In pools 60 feet [...]

Most Popular Stories

Scholarship deadlines approaching for Arctic students

March 18th 3:56 pm

Scholarship deadlines are fast approaching for North Slope Borough and Northwest Arctic students hoping to get some extra help moving on with their educations. There are a handful of scholarships handed out each year to local students or students who are [...]

Arctic states join forces for suicide prevention

March 18th 4:13 pm

A group of international Arctic organizations is coming together to talk about the difficult subject of suicide within northern indigenous communities. The initiative is called RISING SUN, which stands for Reducing the Incidence of Suicide in Indigenous [...]

In Your Words: Building a collegiate cohort

March 18th 3:57 pm

Principal reading club started back last fall but only for four students, grades 5th/6th. We wanted to keep them interested in reading just for fun and slowly it has evolved into a club to keep a focus on a university academic track. A couple of students [...]

State dials up pressure on ConocoPhillips after delays in exploration

March 18th 4:13 pm

Opposition from an Inupiaq village near the U.S. petroleum reserve in Alaska has stopped ConocoPhillips from drilling a nearby exploration well, a move that raises doubts about future exploration efforts at the potential oil play on the North Slope.

Pilot, FAA share responsibility for fatal 2014 plane crash

March 18th 4:14 pm

Pilot error and an unwise certification by the Federal Aviation Administration are to blame for a fatal airplane crash near Atigun Pass in 2014. The pilot, Forest Kirst, who was 57 at the time, had a "history of accidents, incidents, re-examinations, and [...]

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