Free at last

May 22nd 3:52 pm By Mary Virginia Stroud

A snowy owl was released back into the wild in Barrow on Friday after receiving rehabilitative treatment in Anchorage.

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Opinion: Kayaktivists need to suggest solutions to oil-dependent reality

May 22nd 2:41 pm

Last weekend, a flotilla of colorful kayaks provided a photo op for media as a few hundred protesters opposed to Royal Dutch Shell's plans to drill in the Arctic surrounded one of the drill rigs located in Elliott Bay.

Alaskans speak out on halibut bycatch

May 22nd 2:35 pm

Nowhere in the world do people have as much opportunity to speak their minds to fish policy makers as they do in Alaska. As decision day approaches, a groundswell of Alaska voices is demanding that fishery overseers say bye-bye to halibut bycatch in the [...]

Lemonade Day Alaska calls for participants

May 15th 12:12 pm

Lemonade Day Alaska is pleased to announce that registration for Lemonade Day 2015 is now open to youth of all ages. Lemonade Day Alaska will take place on Saturday, June 13, as part of a nation-wide educational program that allows youth of all socio-economic [...]

United Nations OKs new shipping code to protect Arctic waters

May 15th 12:10 pm

New rules set guidelines for ship design, operations, training, search and rescue

Artwork found at ancient house site

May 15th 12:07 pm

Bone pendants from Mead Site may be first examples of art in North America

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Alaska ranked third in U.S. for illicit drug use

May 22nd 3:02 pm

Surprisingly, tobacco and drug use don't appear to go hand in hand, substance abuse study finds

Kotzebue Grille finds home at FEC

May 22nd 3:01 pm

City moves location back to old bowling alley after plans with local restaurant fall through

Noorvik man faces 5 felony charges after April attack

May 22nd 2:56 pm

A Noorvik man made his first court appearances this week on five felony charges stemming from an alleged attack in April in the small community.

Technical school grads find world of possibilities

May 22nd 3:01 pm

81 graduate from Alaska Technical Center in Kotzebue

Students create ice rink in Anaktuvuk Pass

May 22nd 2:59 pm

Every Thursday, fire chief Gordon sprays the area with water to keep rink ice thick

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