Ilisaqativut highlights second-language learners

Jun 23rd 12:05 pm By Shady Grove Oliver

Intensive language camp promotes teaching while learning

Statewide Stories

Opinion: Risks are relative, even in Alaska

June 23rd 11:20 am

This week, many eyes in Alaska turned in horror to watch the story of a 16-year-old boy who was running near Anchorage in a trail race when he was killed by a black bear. It's a story that grabs so many of us — those with children, those who want to [...]

Opinion: Naming rights and the battle for oil on federal land

June 23rd 11:20 am

It would be easy to justify oil exploration in something called the "Arctic Oil Reserve," a name once invented by the Alaska congressional delegation for a portion of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. But not if the spot in question is called "America's [...]

Opinion: Where we stand on Alaska's fiscal plan

June 23rd 11:19 am

This week, in the absence of a true and complete fix to the state's fiscal crisis from the Alaska Senate, the House passed, with bipartisan support, an amendment funding a full Permanent Fund dividend as provided by law. This was not some bargaining tactic [...]

China market offers opportunities for salmon sales

June 23rd 11:18 am

China holds big promise to become a top customer for Alaska salmon, and not just for the bright red fillets. Since 2011 China has been the No. 1 customer for Alaska seafood with purchases nearing $800 million and comprising 54 percent of all Alaska exports [...]

A wilderness feel along an industrial path

June 23rd 11:12 am

What's the significance of the most remote part of a manmade disturbance?

Most Popular Stories

Conservation groups prep for battle over drilling in NPR-A

June 16th 4:14 pm

Oil industry boosters and Alaska politicians are joining President Donald Trump's administration to push for more development in an area of the North Slope that could hold huge oil reserves — over the objections of environmental groups that want [...]

Opinion: Oil tax reform will bring fairness to Alaska budget plan

June 16th 4:01 pm

Paying oil companies billions from our dwindling state savings, while cutting schools, help for seniors and those who battle disabilities, isn't an Alaska I believe in. This is one of the little-reported and major sticking points between our Republican-led [...]

Old cassette tapes spur preservation questions

June 23rd 11:34 am

Hundreds upon hundreds of old cassette tapes holding some of the Northwest Arctic's most precious oral histories are getting closer and closer to falling apart. Stories in the voices of Willie Hensley, John Schaeffer, Bobby Curtis, and dozens of Elders from [...]

Alaska State Troopers report

June 23rd 11:22 am

On June 4, the village police officer in Kiana responded to a disturbance in the village just after midnight. Following an investigation, the officer found Patrick Burgo, 24, of Kiana, had assaulted one of his family members, who refused treatment from health [...]

North Slope faces school bus driver shortages

June 23rd 11:18 am

Hub community only has half of what it needs

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